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Stormcloud Attack: My Pilot App

+ What is the Stormcloud Attack: My Pilot app?

+ Where can I download it?

+ What devices can I use it on?

+ Which flyers from Warhammer 40,000 can I use with the app?

+ Will you be adding more flyers to the app?

+ Will you be adding more missions to the app?

+ I've spotted an error within the app – who do I contact?

+ I have a great idea for the Stormcloud Attack app – where do I send it?

+ I'm on an old device and the app won't work!

+ The app looks a little different on my phone and tablet...

+ Will the app be released on Windows or Kindle?

+ Can I customise my character's Skill and Ace Abilities prior to a game?

+ The ‘Play’ option is greyed out when I first download the app. How do I play?

+ Can I remove pilots once selected?

+ Why does the app look different to the one advertised in my Stormcloud Attack boxed game?