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Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Vulkan He'stan


Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Vulkan He'stan

Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Vulkan Hestan takes a closer look upon the Forgefather of the Salamanders Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

The galaxy burns with the fires of countless wars and conflicts, heroes and villains leading their armies in endless battle against their foes. Warlords of the Dark Millennium explores the history, wargear and fighting styles of some of the galaxy's most powerful warriors.


This product has been updated to be fully compatible with the 2015 edition of Codex: Space Marines.

As Forgefather, it is Vulkan Hestan's solemn duty to retrace the footsteps of the Salamander's Primarch. It is a quest to seek and recover the nine technological relics forged by the mighty Primarch of old, and hidden throughout the galaxy for his progeny to find. For over 7,000 years, a single Forgefather at a time has been assigned the monumental task of searching for the powerful artefacts. Over those millennia, five of the items have been recovered - including one by Vulkan He'stan himself.