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Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf

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Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf

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Hope has arrived for Alaric Prime – the Space Wolves have come! But as the sons of Fenris tear into the Red Waaagh!, darker forces stir and new horrors threaten the beleaguered world.

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The stunning conclusion to the Sanctus Reach Campaign, Hour of the Wolf takes the war into a new and deadly phase as the Space Wolves come to the aid of the desperate Imperial defenders. Logan Grimnar and Ragnar Blackmane lead their Great Companies into the teeming hordes of the Red Waaagh! to write another glorious saga for their Chapter in Greenskin blood. However, the invasion is not all that it seems and dark forces are moving in the shadows that might yet spell the doom of Alaric Prime and its stalwart defenders.

Please note that the rules content in this book was written for a previous edition of Warhammer 40,000 and is not compatible with the current version of the game. You can still enjoy the thrilling story of a world in peril and mighty armies clashing, with an entire sector at stake!

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