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War Zone Damocles: Kauyon

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War Zone Damocles: Kauyon

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When the T'au Empire expands to encompass the world of Prefectia, the Imperium responds in force. White Scars, Raven Guard and Imperial Knights face the might of the Fire Caste and the cunning of Commander Shadowsun...

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The Tau have invaded the ancient fortress world of Prefectia in force. They seek to harness the planet’s immense geo-electric potential to power their latest expansion into the domain of the Imperium. The Adeptus Astartes, hell-bent on stopping them from subsuming another Imperial world, launch a devastating planetstrike that soon becomes a world-spanning war. Immerse yourself in this epic tale of Space Marines and Imperial Knights pitting their might against T'au warriors, grav-tanks, barricades and battlesuits.

Please note that the rules content in this book was written for a previous edition of Warhammer 40,000 and is not compatible with the current version of the game. You can still enjoy the thrilling story of a world in peril and mighty armies clashing, with the Damocles Gulf at stake!

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