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Blood Bowl: Season One Rules Bundle

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: Season One Rules Bundle

A Blood Bowl Supplements Bundle

Get yourself up to speed on Blood Bowl with this fantastic rule bundle! It includes the core rulebook, with all the basic and advanced rules you need to learn how to crush your foes on the field, plus Death Zone: Season One!, which adds Leagues, new teams and more!

-Blood Bowl Boot Camp: Learn the basics of the game with easy drills designed to teach you the fundamental rules of Blood Bowl
-Basic Rules: Detailed descriptions of how to move your players, block opponents, throw the ball, use re-rolls and win the match!
-Extra Rules:Discover the Kick-Off and Weather tables, plus a host of additional rules, such as Fouling, assisting Blocks, Interceptions and more.
-Skills: A list of skills available to your players and how they interact with the rules
-Team drafting: Learn how to build a team and add Star Players, re-rolls and Fan Factor
-New teams: Dark Elf, Dwarf, Elven Union, High Elf, Nurgle, Skaven & Wood Elf
- New skills: A comprehensive list of all the skills available to players as thet advance in a League
-Coaching staff: Hire Assistant Coaches, Cheerleaders and Apothecaries for your teams
-Blood Bowl Leagues: Full rules for how to run a league, including: Playing League matches, Star Player Points and Skills, Casualties and Injuries, Inducements, and much (much!) more
-Optional Rules: Add extra twists to your league with Spiralling Expenses and more, plus try an optional skill: Piling On
-Exhibition Play: Play one-off matches with experienced players and teams - and even mighty Star Players!

This bundle contains ePub3 files. You will need an ePub3 reader on your device to use these. For more information about these, check out our Formats and Ranges page.

Start your journey into the world of Blood Bowl in the best possible way with the Blood Bowl Season One Rules Bundle. This bundle contains Blood Bowl: The Rules and Death Zone: Season One!

Blood Bowl: The Rules
Greetings, sports fans, and welcome to the wonderful world of Blood Bowl! Blood Bowl is a game of fantasy football, played between two teams of highly trained (and borderline psychopathic) athletes who use strength, skill and agility to score touchdowns, injure foes and bring their team victory.

This eBook contains all the rules you need to play games of Blood Bowl, including the core rules and team lists for two of the most common teams in the Blood Bowl leagues - doughty Humans and vicious Orcs.

Death Zone: Season One!
It's back to the pitch, sports fans, for Death Zone: Season One! A new Blood Bowl season has begun, and it brings with it a brand new League system! Gather your friends, appoint a League Commissioner, and get playing - your teams will advance, getting richer and attracting more players eager to slip on your uniform. Your players will advance as they perform well in games, gaining new skills and upgrades. But watch out for those blocks, because your players can also get injured, and those injuries can follow them throughout their careers... unless they end up in a bodybag, of course!

As well as playing in Leagues, you can add coaching staff to your team (including Apothecaries to patch up your players, and those all-important Cheerleaders!), play Exhibition Matches with bigger and better teams, and try out dozens of new skills that will allow you to play the game in different ways.

Oh, and did we mention the seven new teams? Add elves of four different kinds, the mountain-dwelling Dwarfs, the verminous Skaven and the pestilential Nurgle teams to your games.

Please note that to use the contents of this bundle, you will require Blood Bowl Citadel Miniatures, a playing field and more. See for more details.