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Warhammer: Nagash


Warhammer: Nagash

The End Times Book 1

The End Times have begun – the Great Necromancer Nagash is at long last returning, summoned forth from beyond the mortal veil to extinguish the living and begin an unending age of death.

The dead are rising. Across the world, signs and portents point to something immense and devastating: the return of Nagash. As Mannfred von Carstein and Arkhan the Black gather artefacts that will ensure their master’s ascendance, brave allies gather to stop them – men, dwarfs and elves fighting together to prevent this catastrophe. But when they fail, the scene is set for one of the Old World’s most powerful beings to begin the task of reclaiming what is his, starting with his ancient home in the Land of the Dead.

The rules in Warhammer: Nagash are designed for use with Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles. That game system is no longer supported, but the epic saga contained in this volume remains an incredible read for all Warhammer fans. To continue the war against Chaos in the Mortal Realms, check out Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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