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Index Chaotica: Terminus Est


Index Chaotica: Terminus Est

Index Chaotica: Terminus Est details the long and vile history of the Terminus Est, bringer of plague. Though the Chaos Space Marines were once heroic defenders of Mankind, each has sold his allegiance to the Dark Gods in return for surreal and twisted powers.

The Index Chaotica series explores their fall from grace, their fell abilities and their bloodthirsty wars, along with the violent champions that lead them in their search for eternal glory.

The Terminus Est is a blight upon the Imperium, a plague ridden flagship of Typhus, once of the Death Guard Legion. Built before the Horus Heresy, the ship was used during the Great Crusade, and was a beacon of righteous hope in the early years of the Imperium. However, after its fall to Chaos, it became a reminder of the treachery of the Traitor Legions and the insidious power of Chaos.