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Battletome: Blades of Khorne


Battletome: Blades of Khorne

Across the Mortal Realms, Khorne's servants tear down all that Sigmar and his pantheon once strived to build. Mortals fall beneath the Blood God's sway, turning to dark and terrible rituals as they spill the blood of all who stand before - and when enough is shed, they are joined by the nightmare creatures of Chaos, daemons who exist only to take skulls in their master's name. This Battletome gives you all the rules you need to forge your own host of Blades of Khorne.

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- 33 warscrolls covering Mortal and Daemon Khorne models
- 23 warscroll battalions, including infamous warbands
- 2 battleplans which showcase the brutally efficient fighting style of the Blades of Khorne
- Blood for the Blood God Battle Trait and 18 Command Traits
- 18 Artefacts of Power and 12 Daemonic Gifts
- Blood Blessings of Khorne
- Pitched Battle profiles for every warscroll and battalion
- Path to Glory rules for Blades of Khorne warbands

Plus full background to the Blades of Khorne, loads of stunning artwork and galleries of Citadel Miniatures.

All fear the coming of the Blades of Khorne. The air is rent with bloodcurdling howls as the Bloodbound Warhordes march forth. Cruel axes hew limbs and lop heads, and the blood flows thick enough to tear open reality itself. Bounding, red-skinned figures hurl themselves through the breach in the world, hell-forged blades thirsting for flesh and eyes blazing with hateful flame. The Daemons of Khorne have come, and torrents of gore shall be spilled in the name of their raging god.

Battletome: Blades of Khorne collects together the rules and background you need to combine the Khorne Bloodbound and Daemons of Khorne into a single bloody fist, ready to smash down upon the worlds of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Manifestations of primal rage and senseless bloodlust, the daemons of Khorne are far from subtle, shunning the trickery and deceit of magic in favour of crushing physical might. His mortal followers fight with comparable ferocity, hoping to gain enough favour to tread the path of skulls and ascend to blood-soaked glory.

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